Mango Shake recipe

It is December, snow is falling and it’s freezing, and all I can think about are mangoes.  So begins this blog- with a recipe for MANGO SHAKE! I know you can’t wait- it’s so easy- I show you!


– mango puree or mango

– milk, or other liquid base- like ice cream, soy milk, etc.

Add together in blender, and blend.

Here it is, step by step:

First step, ingredients.  The hardest thing to find is the mango or mango puree. If you have a fresh mango- great (just cut it up, and add)! If not, then mango puree will work. Mango puree is available in ethnic supermarkets, or even in the “ethnic” aisle of your local grocery store. I recommend the ethnic supermarkets- definitely will be affordable, and not overpriced! Like the huge can I used below was under $3.

mango shake ingredients: milk and mango puree

Second, you will also need special equipment: a blender. Or superhuman strength to furiously blend manually. Your choice. I don’t use specific measurements, so just eyeball it depending on how many servings. Here’s the mango puree. Notice it is thick,  so a little goes a long way.

Now, time for the milk! Of course, you can use ice cream if you want, or soy milk, or whatever liquid you fancy. I use milk. Moo. And, you can see how I am not trying to impress anyone here. Yes, I  poured the milk right into the same measuring cup, without washing- GASP! Use more milk than puree, so it won’t be too thick. Unless if you like it like that.

Now is the time to ask, do you want things to get crazy and invite a banana to this party? Or, add strawberry, or some other berry? Spinach? Your choice. I just want the basic mango shake, so not adding anything else. We will do banana-mango shake next time- it is quite a party in your mouth.

Blender time! Pour milk and mango puree into blender, and blend!

Blender action shot:

Oh- and you can also add ice cubes when blending (make sure your blender can handle ice cubes first!), or pour it over ice cubes. Or not. Here is the mango shake- mmmmmmmmmmm. Enjoy!

From the top:

I was going to take one sip and do a final photo, but I ended up chugging it all down. No self control around mango shakes- I can’t help myself!



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